Salt Equipment

Push Spreaders & Sprayers

Chapin All Season Spreaders:

  • 82108 100lb. Salt & Icemelt Spreader
  • 80088 80lb. Salt & Icemelt Spreader



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The SnowCaster Shovels

30 UPH


Manual snow pusher, 30″

  • Blade is constructed from UHMW-PE material
  • UHMW-PE provides exceptional wear properties-blade will last several seasons
  • Heavy duty bracket
  • Bracket and handle are re-enforced at the point of attachment to the fiberglass tube
  • Proven commercial application

Complete 30SNC by The Snowcaster


Purchase the complete 30SNC by The Snowcaster.

  • Reduce fatigue, easy on your back-no lifting
  • 50% more efficient than traditional snow shovels
  • Blade dimension 7.5″H x 36″W
  • Bi-directional blade
  • Angled blade for “wind rowing” snow
  • Proven commercial application
  • Assembles in less than 10 minutes


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