Locke Trucking Inc. currently owns and operates 10 dump trucks in Johnson County and the surrounding areas. We have 7 tri-axle dump trucks, 1 single axle dump truck and 2 tri-axle dump trucks with conveyors. We haul for commercial and residential needs with a verity of different materials for just about any job.

Our conveyor trucks are used to “shoot” or convey material up to 60 feet from the back of the truck. Customers have found this service to be helpful in the placement of many different types of materials such as Pea Gravel, Fill sand and Stone. These conveyor trucks allow the customer to reach different areas such as basements & crawl spaces. Our conveyor tucks can help reduce the time spent by the customer in placement of the material

Our single-axle dump truck is available for those jobs requiring a smaller truck that weighs significantly less than a tri-axle. We also have a Bobcat that can be used in placement of different products that a conveyor truck might not be able to reach. It is also used on driveway jobs where trees and power lines might be an issue. Call us today to see how we can assist you in completing your next project.